About Us

products 1111111Fortron Automotive Treatments commenced operations in 1978, developing a range of specialised automotive treatment products and training services / programs, designed specifically for the Automotive Industry.

The philosophy behind the development of the Fortron range of products was to offer Workshop Service Centres a superior value add program / opportunity that delivers noticeable maintenance benefits. Furthermore these value add programs provide the Workshop Service Centres with much needed income streams.

Fortron products are premium based, engine friendly and are formulated to clean, lubricate and provide a high degree of protection to engine components.

Fortron has forged an enviable reputation for innovative products synonymous with protection. It is the innovation and an ongoing commitment to research and development that has allowed Fortron to diversify into other products and services and to continually evolve to meet market, environmental and safety demands.

Fortron Automotive Products are now distributed in more than 14 countries worldwide, which include South Africa, Africa, the Asia Pacific region, Europe, the Middle East, with the corporate headquarters located in Australia.

As with any great business, understanding your customers is imperative to success; this can only be achieved through training and development.

At Fortron success comes through our unique approach.
Our specialised products and services target the Automotive Service Industry with precision.

Such specialisation didn’t come overnight, but is the result of more than 30 years experience.

Working with Fortron’s innovative and proven Training Program, delivers the sales skills and motivation that can put your business on the road to continual growth and success.

Business is great